The many thousands of people who have heard me speak know my story, but many of you have not, so let me tell you about me!

My life and career started one way, and grew and expanded as I took advantage of opportunities that came across my path during my adult life. I also learned to overcome obstacles and beat the odds along the way, and I now inspire people around the world to do the same.

Although I grew up dyslexic, I graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and later from Harvard University with a Master’s of Business Administration. Because reading was so difficult for me, school was always challenging, but I met the challenges, overcame them, and eventually achieved more than even I thought possible. I was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. How did I manage a learning disability to achieve not one, not two, but three degrees! I tell you on this site, through the blog, with my books, videos, and training packages; amazing products and services that I have spent years perfecting for you! Take a look here!

So, who am I?

  • I am an internationally renowned motivational speaker, success strategist and sales trainer.
  • I am the #1 ranked Elite National Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, annually leading my international sales team to multimillion dollar success.
  • I am a founding partner of Charisma Factor, a corporate event planning company.
  • I am an author; my most recently published book, “Quantum Leaps,” details for my readers ten specific steps to help them soar to the new heights.

“It’s Not Where You Start,
It’s Where You Finish!”

I have a high energy persona, and an inspirational teaching style, which is why I’m known as “Energy in Motion.” Over the years, I have trained professionals like you on six continents to achieve new levels of success for themselves. I am passionate about working with winners to actualize their full potential.

I have presented onstage with Oprah in conjunction with her Empowering Women and Girls for Leadership initiative.

I have appeared on CNN with Soledad O’Brien, on ABC-TV, and on CNBC with Donny Deutsch on his “The Big Idea” Show.

I have been featured in many periodicals, including Fortune, Black Enterprise, Glamour, and Ebony.

Harvard Business School has documented my business success in a case study titled “Gloria Hilliard Mayfield at Mary Kay Cosmetics.” That case study is taught to students in the Business School.


Wait! There’s more!

I am married to Ken Banks, and we live in Baltimore Maryland and share four adult children and four grandchildren!

I invite you to browse my website to see all of the success components available to you.

©2017 Gloria Mayfield Banks