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  • A new and exciting $100K Topic every month to keep your interest high and distractions low. This subscription to monthly training videos, will feature Gloria’s specific methods and strategies to acquiring the skills needed to produce $100k and beyond. You will understand the importance, the application, and have accountability to make sure you are getting results.
  • Exclusive group coaching sessions. Meet Gloria in an exclusive group setting for live conversation, recap, and Q&A! You will have access to the group and all of its recordings, so you can come back time and again to fully grasp and apply what you’ve learned. You will learn from your journey and from each other as Gloria teaches, answers questions, and showcases the growth and success of  others for you to learn and implement from. Remember, it is always ok to Copy Cat as long as you Copy the RIGHT Cat.
  • Tools and Worksheets to prepare you for the next level and walk you through applying what you’ve learned. This will allow for self-reflection and making sure you DOING THE WORK.

The price for membership is $99.00 now and then $39.00 per Month.

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