Become a better you so you can serve your career, your family, and your community. This online digital training with Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks was CREATED for ambitious and capable women who are stuck and frustrated to learn how to CREATE success and freedom. Increase confidence, create a path to increasing income and decrease stress through the exclusive coaching expertise of Gloria, as you gain the knowledge and tools necessary to create a life of abundance.

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Introducing the Next Expansion for Queendom

Developing Your Confidence in Sales - Selling it, Selling you, and the confidence to show others how to do the same!

Module One

Systems that really work
• Where you’re going requires the right ZIPCODE. Learn Gloria’s daily strategy for growth and retention of your business.
• See it, Track it, Have it!
• Your fortune is in the Follow-up.
• Next level Networking.
• Marketing Matters!

Module Two

A Superior Skillset
• It’s all about the words. Scripts that make a difference.
• Persuasion through Presentation. It’s all about how you give it to them.
• The Art of Asking Questions.
• Use your gifts and use them wisely!

Module Three

Mind over Matter. An in-depth look at the mindset of a Successful Leader
• Leading others enthusiastically.
• Go hard in the Paint!
• Do it Afraid.
• Bounce back ability.
• Building Relationships.
• Celebrating our Different Personalities
• Overcoming Obstacles to get to the opportunity. Your “No” doesn’t determine my win.
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Online Training for Your Queendom

People Skills | Increase - Income | Emotions | Confidence | Energy & Excellence 
In order to win in life and find your courage for expansion, you have to master specific areas. Imagine being able to control your emotions, to know without a doubt the way to work and communicate with others, or even more so control your income. This training will give our exactly what you need to master leadership and life skills and get to a life of abundance.

Here is what you get:

  • A new and exciting topic every month to keep your interest high and distractions low. This subscription to monthly training videos, will feature Gloria’s specific methods and strategies to acquiring the skills needed to produce and beyond. You will understand the importance, the application, and have accountability to make sure you are getting results.  
  • Exclusive group coaching sessions.  Meet Gloria in an exclusive group setting for live conversation, recap, and Q&A! You will have access to the group and all of its recordings, so you can come back time and again to fully grasp and apply what you’ve learned. You will learn from your journey and from each other as Gloria teaches, answers questions, and showcases the growth and success of  others for you to learn and implement from. Remember, it is always ok to Copy Cat as long as you Copy the RIGHT Cat.
  • Tools and Worksheets to prepare you for the next level and walk you through applying what you’ve learned. This will allow for self-reflection and making sure you DOING THE WORK.
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The Words of Others

Have you ever been working on and toward something you love, only to become discouraged by people repeatedly telling you that you won’t excel in that dream? Maybe it’s gotten to the point where you no longer believe you can reach the goal, and don’t even like the process of trying anymore.

In Queendom, Gloria helps you discover how to reignite your passion towards that dream, and learn how to break down that dream to build your confidence, so you can move forward. We call it learning the art of how to take steps in the right direction.

Are you a natural born leader, who knows they have the wisdom to deposit into others for growth and success, yet you haven’t been able to build and sustain that team? Does it feel like a numbers game?

Gloria is a record-breaking team builder, who can show you how to be a visionary leader whose confidence and people skills breads success and sustainability.

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You Have The Skills

Do you know you have the skill set, but your history shows a pattern of stopping short of what you are capable of? Have you not reached the level you know you could be at after too many failed attempts and a bruised belief in yourself? Are you self sabotaging? Is it because of a lack of support or opinions from those around you?

As a Harvard Business School grad, Gloria has had her fair share of people questioning her next move. She has learned the mental and physical skills needed to push through and past the noise that can come with working toward a big dream. In her Queendom program, she transfers those skills to you!
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  • My Quantum Leaps Journal, available immediately upon registration. 10 Steps to help you soar.
  • Access to training on each of the 5 areas to get you to help increase your income.


+ $99 Initial Fee

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Disclaimer: This program was not designed or intended for members of the Mary Kay Sales Force.*

What You Will Learn

Find Your PIECE and Expand your life.

Confidence - #SuperBADALLDAYLONG

If you want need Confidence. It’s the most important component, after integrity. You can’t just decide to be confident. Specific skills are required for building and re-building your confidence and helping to grow the confidence of others as well. It’s how I have built and maintained Top Producing teams, and I’m excited to help you do the same!

Energy - Energy in Motion

Energy. You MUST learn how to gain it, give it, sustain it, and provide it for the sake of serving others. Here’s the secret...contrary to popular belief, you’re not just born with it. It’s easy to under value what you think isn’t yours, but it energy can be your strong asset too.  Are you ready to break this down?

Income - Secure the Bag

Money Matters! And, we need to stop acting like it doesn’t! Women need to learn to become strong in their intentions, strategy, circle of friends, abundance. No, this is not your typical conversation about money. It is not about a financial planner, although you will need one once your Income grows with Queendom. How you live, what you save, the ways you give...Money Matters!

Emotions - Are Decided By You

Emotions. It’s time to get them in check! We need to stop using them as a crutch, and start using them to enhance our strength muscle. Don’t let your emotions run your life because you have not developed the skills to manage them. It’s time to GET IT TOGETHER and KEEP IT TOGETHER.

People-Skills - “People-al-ity”

People are everywhere. It amazes me that this skill is not THE priority...until something goes wrong in important relationships. How about developing your People-ality now! You and your entire circle are better off because you are in their life and they know it, recognize it and appreciate it so much so they copy your best people skills.

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Disclaimer: This program was not designed or intended for members of the Mary Kay Sales Force.*

Now is the time to train, now is the time to strategize, now is the time to build your QUEENDOM!

$99 registration and $39 a month after.

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Disclaimer: This program was not designed or intended for members of the Mary Kay Sales Force.*